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Almost finished sim request.

Gift 2 out of 4 (see previous gift here)

Traits: Slob, Absent-Minded, Party Animal, Hydrophobic, Animal Lover

Little fun fact: He’s kind of based on this guy.

CC: Skin/Eyes/Nose Blush/Nose Highlighter/ Default brows/Taper/Tattoos (Robokitty).

All clothes Showtime and Late Night EP.

Sliders: Hermi’s lip slider (Jasumi), AwT nostril rotate, AwT brow depth, MTS Ear slider, AwT jaw line slider, Nose Spectrum Awt and Bella3lek sliders. (Google it)

DOWNLOAD (sims3pack and package)

When you use her tag the first post strawberrysims, so I can watch. >:)

Making a slutty alien is hard! 

Would anyone want her in their game?

More of Mildred

Changed eye defaults…again

Edit: Oh their these eyes by Fantasyrogue the previews may not be great but they have great detail, I dunno what the face overlay dl thingy is though. :)

My self-sim is like me in so many ways…

Would anyone be interested in little ol’ me? (Yeah I have that many bags under my eyes -_-)

Traits: Bookworm, Flirty, Hot-Headed, Loner, Never-Nude.

CC: HairSpice Cider skintone, Shady’s Multicolored eyesFreckles, BlushEyebrows, BottomsGlasses.

Requested sim by: simsrights 

Age: YA
Gender: male
Eye color: no preference!
Hair color: light brown
Skin color: pale
Personality: hipster, likes music, video games and loves dogs
Other: beard and a little chubby