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Requested sim by Saartje:


Name: Riley Gough
Age: 26
Gender: male
Eye color: brown
Hair color: Red
Freckles: yes please
Style: Bohemian / geeky
Any alien features: You choose (but only eyes and/or ears)
Skintone: light or rosy
Personality: definitely clumsy, absent minded & hopeless romantic
I have all ep’s & sp’s

Riley Gough

Traits: Hot-headed, Hopeless Romantic, Shy, Absent-Minded and Clumsy.

CC:  Hair, Eyebrows, Non-Default (Light)Eyes (Default Tiffany Glaze)Freckles, Blusher,Lip liner, Eyebags (Tifa),Glasses, Clothes

Riley…is just Riley he never really found his own sense of style so he combined two! He’s always dreamed of falling in love with that one girl marrying her and living in a cottage in the woods with seven dwarfs…surprisingly he hasn’t found her yet!


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